Brabants RYE Bread

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Brabants rye bread

Brabants rye bread for everyone who wants to enjoy.

Wheat, Gluten, Rye, Barley


RYE flour, water, RYE flour, WHEAT flour (gelatinized), baker's salt, BARLEY malt extract, yeast, BARLEY malt, WHEAT malt, preservative (E282), Acid (E270, E330), ACID regulator (E263) Keep refrigerated


Product Note Status Price
Belgian Wheat Bread Brown (Whole) Belgian Wheat Bread Brown (Whole)
2.79 € *
Delivery weight: 1,000 g
Farm Bread White (Half) Farm Bread White (Half)
1.40 € *
Delivery weight: 450 g
Casino Brown Bread (Whole) Casino Brown Bread (Whole)
2.60 € *
Delivery weight: 1,100 g
Casino Bread White Round (Half) Casino Bread White Round (Half)
1.40 € *
Delivery weight: 450 g
Gelders Floor Bread (Half) Gelders Floor Bread (Half)
1.45 € *
Delivery weight: 600 g
Fries RYE Bread Fries RYE Bread
1.35 € *
Delivery weight: 250 g
Sugar Bread Sugar Bread
2.70 € *
Delivery weight: 600 g

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